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Isabel Tueumuna Katjavivi (b. 1988) is a Namibian multimedia artist. Born before the Namibian nation was born, in New Haven, CT, USA to a British mother and a Namibian father, who was in exile for 27 years and active in the Namibian independence movement. Her work uses art as a tool for self healing, exploring trauma, negotiating identity and inter-generational memory. In her recent works The past is not buried (2017) and her exhibitions They tried to bury us (2018) and Unearthing (2019) Katjavivi explores the OvaHerero Genocide (1904-1908) while using material from sites of trauma. Katjavivi has begun her Masters Degree (University of Namibia) and is looking into creating ephemeral installations in sites of trauma to commemorate the OvaHerero Genocide.

Katjavivi has won two art prizes:

*Bank Windhoek Triennial 2017 –  Overall first prize winner,

*Bank Windhoek Triennial 2014 – 3rd Prize in New Media. 

Katjavivi currently lives and works in Windhoek, Namibia.

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